Crochet de sites web

crochet de sites web

insert the hook into the work, yarn over the hook draw through work, yarn over hook draw through all 3 loops in the hook. Leave this lp on hook. (3 loops on hook.) Yarn over and draw through 2 loops. Continue in this way to end. You can read more here: m/ Notice some of the creations on this page: ml these are made by using alot of smaller crocheted pieces to form a larger item. If this is necessary it would be indicated within the pattern.

Content_id554 Tapestry Crochet For the Left Handed Crocheter: ml Additional sites with stitch instructions and/or illustrations to help get you started crocheting: p3 px? Click here for photo instructions PAT pattern Pat is the abbreviation for "pattern". You may find the answer to your question already posted. It is worked in a stitch on meilleurs sites de datation du rapport hommes-femmes a row below the normal working row. FL or FLO front loop Instead of crocheting in the entire stitch which is both loops on the top of the stitch. (You should have 6 loops on your hook.) Yarn over and draw through two loops. A Long Single Crochet Stitch is worked the same as a regular single crochet stitch, except. Linked DC not a standard abbreviation linked double crochet Insert hook in lower horizontal bar on same stitch, yarn over, draw loop through, insert hook in next st on row you are working, yarn over, draw loop through, (yarn over, draw loop through 2 loops. You can crochet right over the ends of the yarn tails if they are both the same color. Enter your details below, enter Your E-mail Address, enter Your First Name (optional). Instructions, crochet Shell Edging, abbreviations ch chain st stitch sts stitches tog together sc single crochet (UK double crochet) dc double crochet (UK treble) tr treble (UK double treble) sl st slip stitch, small Shell Edging Instructions. Lay the ruler horizontally across the work.